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Shipment and Delivery

  • Τρόποι πληρωμής

    Company KOIOS AL. BROS CO (KOIOS FURNITURE) due to the special characteristics of the products it produces (fragile, great mass, too heavy) pays extra attention on the safe shipping of the products. Due to that, the shipment of the products to the final destination is held by transporting companies, so LETTO might deliver the products to the premises of the corresponding delivery agency, in case the buyer cannot receive the goods from the headquarters of the company KOIOS AL. BROS CO (KOIOS FURNITURE), 15th km O.N.R THESSALONIKI -VEROIA,THESSALONIKI, GREECE. Shipment and delivery costs burdens the buyer, unless there is a special agreement between the seller KOIOS AL. BROS CO (KOIOS FURNITURE) and the buyer have been mentioned, defining a different framework.

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