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LETTO's vision is to continue its successful career, remaining a leading manufacturer of bedroom furniture for domestic use and hotel projects.

Paying particular attention to the detail, LETTO designs and manufactures furniture that can last through time both in terms of design and quality of manufacturing.


for design

Aiming at you own comfort, LETTO designs and manufactures furniture that respond to the latest market trends, remaining contemporary over time. Providing a wide range of furniture, LETTO offers a great variety of products to ensure that all customers will satisfy their needs according to their taste.


& Know-how

LETTO, fully utilizing its great experience, using the latest production ways and picking raw materials of the best quality, designs and produces reliable and modern furniture at affordable prices. Furthermore, LETTO is constantly investing in new equipment and upgrades the production process.


for the environment

Despite the constant striving for modern, functional, high quality products, LETTO never neglects to take care of the environment. LETTO’s main concern is to always use verified raw materials following all European standards. In fact, LETTO has invested in a great waste management system in order to handle its by-products, naming the company as one of the eco-friendlier companies of the furniture industry.

The main by-product LETTO produces, sawdust, is processed and turned into briquets in order to fully supply the eco-friendly heating boiler and give out heat to warn 5.000 sq.m. At the same time, aluminum, iron, nylon as well as paper are carefully collected in order to be recycled.

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