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Tempo Collection is offering a cozy and highly detailed combination of melamine faced finish and marble like surfaces along with the wooden details that links together by an aesthetic that is recognizable in its minimal lines! Tempo products are available in Lefkas oak melamine finish in (M.28) color with the characteristic natural oak effect that perfectly combines the white Terra marble like (M.30) surfaces and the solid wooden details on the headboard, creating a modern and delicate outcome.

The high quality melamine faced finish used, has great features that make all furniture imperious to time. The anti-scratch coating provides the surface of all products with great resistance to scratches and damage, as well as with the ease of cleaning even the most difficult stains, such as permanent markers.

The elegant and highly detailed headboard perfectly matching the Lefkas oak melamine finish with the solid oak wooden details on the left side creating a perfect match with either the wooden lacquered legs, wooden bottom support or the metallic footboard base!

Tempo bed can be easily converted into a useful storage unit, by placing a metallic frame with wooden slats to support the mattress and of course an easy to-lift gear. In addition, by taking a closer look in details, in both crosspieces and the footboard of the bed, you will find rubber straps, to ensure that no dust will enter the storage unit and no disturbing noise will take place.

Two different design details for the chests and the nightstands, Tempo & Odd collections, are available to mix and match and create your own unique combinations! Considering the structure of the drawers for the chests and the sideboards, they are made of embossed melamine in linen beige color and the drivers used are of Italian originated Teflon that can easily be replaced by soft close drivers in order to achieve fully quite operation. In addition is easy to upgrade your daily life by installing in every night stand or chest the recommended usb charger for fast and easy charging of your electronic devices.

The Tempo collection includes bed (mattress 160*200), bedside tables (either 60cm or 50cm), chest of 3 drawers chest of 3 drawers and a cabinet, a short length mirror, as well as many self-units for books and decorating items you wish. Further Odd collection includes nightstands (either 60cm or 50cm), a chest of 3 drawers and the Odd middle-length mirror in matte metallic lacquering in (L.63) color. Although you can buy each piece as a unit, they fit perfectly to each other to bring durable comfort and a modern feel to your bedroom!

Depending on the available space you have, you can choose either a hinged or a sliding doors wardrobe and shape the exterior and interior according to your needs. Tempo collection will definitely offer to you a very modern design that will fully meet your expectations.

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