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Nabuk collection addresses to everyone looking for an impressive and unique bed.

Although it’s an upholstered bed, all the high-quality materials used makes it really durable and can last through the years.

Important is the fact that the metal bottom support, in graphite grey color, is distinguished for its ability not to strain during the cleaning process and is placed in a way to prevent any accident.

The most special feature of Nabuk bed is that you can shape it and style it at your way by choosing the best fabric or artificial leather to fit your taste.

It is very important to note that the fabric cannot be detached, so we propose that you choose and easy clean fabric. In case you want to organize your bedroom in a more efficient way, you can easily turn Nabuk bed into a useful storage unit by placing a metal frame with wooden slats to support the mattress and the corresponding easy lift gear.

Moreover, the rubber slats place in every crosspiece of the bed, ensure that no dust will enter the storage unit and that no annoying noise will take place.

In order to complete the design of your bedroom, you can choose complementary furniture of any collection Letto offers. Letto’s suggestion is to match Nabuk bed with the complementary furniture of Sicilia collection.

The greatest advantage is that sicilia collection is available in two colors, so you can easily match any color of fabric.

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