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Simple & plain designing lines in combination with the wonderful natural oak veneers in light finishes, along with carefully selected lacquer colors, accompany an imposing upholstered bed and create the wonderful Luxx collection!

The Luxx bed is incisive and imposing at the same time. Feathers are the main construction material and entices us to "dive" in it to enjoy a sweet and carefree sleep!

The specially designed rubbers on the crossbars will prevent unwanted vibrations and dust, while the optional Led lighting that can be placed underneath the whole bedframe, with or without a motion detector will create a special atmosphere with low consumption, especially at night!

The bed rests on wooden legs, while it can easily be turned into a useful storage space by adding an easy-lift mechanism. It can even be placed in the center of the bedroom if space allows, because the headboard is equally beautifully crafted on both sides!

The philosophy of the collection's complementary products is "to create your own unique combination, color and design".

By choosing the dimension, color and arrangement of the independent drawers, you can create countless combinations of bedside tables, chests of drawers and dream compositions to accompany the unique Luxx bed and elevate the style of your personal space! While at the same time you can place your own personal compositions in the living room, hallway or entrance for your favorite objects!

You can also use them as dividers due to the fact that back and front sides of the independent /standalone drawers are crafted the same way, either with oak veneers or with the selected lacquer color!

The natural oak veneer with the characteristic features, is available in two wonderful colors carefully chosen by LETTO: D.10 White Oak & D.11 Chocolate Oak.

At the same time, 14 selected lacquer colors are available to tie beautifully with the simple design lines, defining the model's timeless style and highlighting the natural beauty of the wood!

Depending on the available space in the bedroom, you can choose hinged or heavy –duty sliding doors or a combination of two.

Also you can shape the exterior and interior according to your own taste. Oak or lacquered hinged and sliding doors, in various colors, with metal or wooden knobs and mirrors in two colors tinted or white are available to choose from!

At the same time, the interior can be configured according to your needs and arrange all your favorite clothes, shoes and bed linen.

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