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Joy collection is an elegant option in order to create a comfortable and attractive styling in your bedroom. All furniture is made of artificial embossed veneer, having all the necessary features to last through years. The anti-scratch coating of the artificial veneer prevents any scratch and marks and allows the removal even of the most difficult stains. Joy furniture is available in artificial veneer of Cashmere Grey Rustic oak (n.21) color, which is beautifully combined with the melamine of light grey concrete design, that you can find in both sides of the bedside table, the chest and headboard.

A dark grey/brown metal footboard is used to support the bed, placed in such a way to preserve the necessary safety distance and avoid any accident, while having the advantage of not being worn when cleaning. By adding a metallic frame with wooden slats to support the mattress and the corresponding easy lift gear, Joy bed can be easily turned into a useful storage unit. Every crosspiece of the bed frame is equipped with special rubber slats to ensure that no dust will enter into the storage and no scarping sound will take place. Important is the fact that the pillows of the bed are detachable at any time and can easily be washed, in case the fabric can be so.

However, Joy bed has also a decorative surface of light grey concrete design which is visible when the pillows come out. All drawers use Italian Teflon sliders and can easily be upgraded by adding soft close drawer sliders to achieve a total quite operation.

Joy Collection consists of a bed (mattress 160*200), bedside tables (55cm), a vanity cabinet with a drawer and a small length mirror. However, another unique proposal is to match Joy bed with the complementary furniture of POP Collection and totally differentiate the styling of your bedroom. POP Collection includes bedside table with a shelf and a drawer, as well as a vanity furniture with 2 shelves, 2 drawers and a cabinet.

All POP furniture is made of graphite grey melamine and combined with the artificial veneer in Cashmere Grey Rustic Oak (n.21).In addition self-units are available for books and decorative items, with or without the specially designed light by LETTO! Moreover the complements are an ideal choice to complete and renew your favorite upholstered bed, the hallway, the living room or any space in the house you choose. Combined with the appropriate mirrors and shelves or even your own favorite mirror, they will create warm and at the same time useful corners!

Considering the wardrobe, you can either choose hinged or sliding doors depending on the available space or choose knobs and mirrors to decorate the exterior according to your style. The interior can also be configured according to your needs.

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